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HLP 68

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A mineral oil specifically designed to meet the requirements of most important manufacturers of hydraulic equipment. It contains anti-wear, anti-oxidant, anti-corrosion and anti-foam additivesHydraulic systems in extreme operating conditions, including high speed/pressure vane, gear and axial piston pumps. Machine tools, where antiwear product is required, including hydraulic presses, injection moulding machines and systems with bearings and gears.

SPECIFICATION LEVEL: AFNOR:NF E 48-603 HM / NF E 48-690 / NF E 48-691 / CINCINNATI:MACHINE P-70 / DENISON:HF-2 / DIN:51524 Part 2 / EATON VICKERS:I-286-S / M-2950-S / ISO:11158, HM / 6743-4, HM

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