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Multi Moly EP2

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This grease is manufactured from Lithium 12 hydroxystearate soap. It is a multipurpose grease, containing an addition of molybdenum disulphide (MoS2).Owing to this, extreme pressure and anti-wear characteristics are obtained, even at the heaviest loads and the most violent shocks.

In certain cases the molybdenum disulphide assures a sufficient lubrication, even after the disappearance of the grease, due to an excessive temperature increase. Seizure of the moving parts is prevented, even after the disappearance of the lubricating film.

This grease presents excellent oxidation characteristics and a very good mechanical stability. Be-cause of its good tackiness on metal surfaces, it is water resistant. This grease also has good anti-corrosive properties and is very pumpable.

It is very much appreciated for the lubrication of roller bearings, when the tolerances will permit it. The best results are obtained where wear problems may be expected.

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