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Lithium Complex EP2

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Lithium-Complex grease with ?€?Extreme Pressure?€¯ additives without lead, especially developed for the lubrication of roller bearings of vehicles.

It is very comparable with conventional Lithium greases, but can withstand temperatures, that are constantly above 160?°C and so ensures an efficient lubrication, with extremes to 225?°C.

As it contains anti-oxydation, ?€?Extreme Pressure?€¯ and anti-corrosion properties, this grease can easily replace the Bentone greases in the most applications. The ?€?Extreme Pressure?€¯ properties of this grease allows it to resist very well against violent shocks and heavy loads.

Its good pumpability, even at low temperatures, allows the use in distribution devices. This grease also assures a regular flow in the finest tubes of automatic lubrication systems. The anti-rust additives protect very efficiently the metal surfaces against corrosion.

Vehicles: water pumps, chassis and joints, roller bearings.
Electrical material:motor bearings.
Machines:ball bearings, roller bearings and needle bearings, centralised lubrication units.

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